I, Nicole Brossar, solemnly swear that I will continue to eat and talk about it until I can no longer stay in my physical body and have to ascend to the heavens to speak further about my culinary experiences.

I have always been interested in eating and going to restaurants since I’ve been a wee lad.

Now, almost 21, I have, also, dived into cooking for myself. Recently, I decided to eat strictly vegan foods and thus.. I had to really make 80% of my meals. But, the 10% is why I made this blog (specifically). I want to review my restaurant experiences. The food I eat inspires me and, so, I will probably be more inclined to post about my own cooking and the foods that I prefer to eat and nourish my body with.

Living in New York, specifically New Paltz (where farms are closer than supermarkets), I have learned to appreciate locally-grown and organically-made fruits and vegetables. The restaurants here take advantage of this, as well, so most of the places I will be reviewing are organic and do use local produce.

However, I will, also, be reviewing restaurants in NYC (I’m from Queens originally).

Anyway…… THANKS!


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