Easy Pickles

I bought cucumbers the other day specifically to make pickles!! Frankie’s mom brought us a huge tupperware full of pickles she made and ever since.. I have been craving more. So, I began!

Cucumbers, Leeks, Pearl Onions, White Vinegar, Water, Salt, Black Pepper, and Sugar
Cucumbers, Leeks, Pearl Onions, White Vinegar, Water, Salt, Black Pepper, and Sugar

I got a jar and all of the above ingredients and I began by cutting the ends off of the cucumbers and slicing them horizontally and stuffing them into the mason jar. I removed the skins off the onions and placed them in without ends into the jar. I chopped up a bit off the top of the leeks and put them into the jar as well.

Then, I poured 3 (and a half) tablespoons of white vinegar into the jar. I thought this was too little.. maybe because I am used to the overly acidic pickles from stores. However, I settled for the amount I used because I figured I wanted something not overpowering, but enjoyable.


A little bit of sugar.. half a tablespoon of salt.. a few grinds of salt and that is ALL!!

I just poured water into the jar to cover everything and closed the jar; gave it a good shake or shakes and voila.


I let it sit on the counter for 24 hours and just an hour ago I put it into the fridge. I think I will check the taste tomorrow. Because of my experience with sauerkraut and fermentation I am not sure that I am capable of pickling. Firstly because I left the cap on (I was following some recipe) the pickles and I feel like it needs some kind of air to get everything going. And yet maybe the little bit of vinegar that I did put in is enough to do whatever it is it needs to do. WHO KNOWS.

Sorry for the choppy, terrible writing. I am listening to a podcast with David Byrne and I can not focus because I have a huge crush on him.


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