Red Cabbage Sauerkraut

I love sauerkraut. Growing up in a Russian household we always have pickled and fermented foods. (Specifically from Siberia, where my mother is from, they would hardly have any option but to pickle and ferment in order to eat well in the winter).

The sauerkraut was always my favorite. My grandmother would drizzle it with sunflower oil and I would go at a whole container with just my appetite and a fork.

I only started making my own sauerkraut last year when I realized just how easy it is. I also had way too much cabbage than I could eat because I usually just use a leaf or two in a meal and that’s it. The first time around was great. It was ready in 3 days and all I had to do was push on the weight to get the juices out of the cabbage and into the fermentation process.

Little cloth hat! Shouldn't actually be on the table in the light. I just put it there for the sake of the photo ;)
Little cloth hat! Shouldn’t actually be on the table in the light. I just put it there for the sake of the photo ;)

However, a few days ago I decided to try red cabbage. And I guess it is a lot thicker and 2 days in and I hardly had an inch of liquid. I’ve decided since then to add some water and pray for the best.

I’m thinking I just had too much confidence about my sauerkraut that I forgot how long you have to knead the strips of cabbage. (Coleslaw consistency).

But, I can only wait and see. Red cabbage is definitely my favorite type. It’s taste is definitely more out-there than it’s cousin, or sister?? or close relative… the green cabbage.

But anyway, I am hoping to begin fermenting more things. Maybe next time I will add carrots and a bit of cranberries to my sauerkraut!


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